La Casa's Inclusion Council is comprised of students, both graduate and undergraduate, who advise the executive board on the inclusivity of all La Casa matters and events.

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Maria Garcia

Maria is a junior from Detroit, MI majoring in Political Science. Her prpnouns are she/her/hers. A fun fact about her is that she has five sisters but no brothers! Being on the inclusion council is important to her because it means serving as a representative for all students in La Casa and guaranteeing that their many identities are being accounted for. Making sure that no one feels excluded or is target id one of her main goals as part of the council.

"I love La Casa because it provides a place for all Latinx students to come together and find a a home/family on campus. It allows for those involved to speak their concerns as a community and express their identities

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Cristina Castillo

Cristina is a Research Fellow from Arequipa, Peru with a Bachelor's in Biomedical Engineering and Cell Molecular Biology from the University of Michigan. Her pronouns are she/her/hers. A fun fact about Cristina is that she moved to the US when she was 17 and she currently has a pet dwarf bunny named Canela! Being on the Inclusion Council is important to her because it means using the best of her experiences to make sure that those identities not usually seen in our community are represented and given attention. She hopes to help La Casa members express themselves and have a space where the beauty and uniqueness of their identity is recognized.

"Growing up in Peru and inheriting such a rich culture makes me be who I am, it's hard to find a space on campus with people that can relate to this fact. I love La Casa because it is the only space where I can see and be friends with people that share this experience.

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Alex Jimenez

Alex is a sophomore from Grand Rapids, MI majoring in Business. His pronouns are he/him/his. Some fun facts about Alex are that he likes to draw, his favorite spot on campus is the engineering fountain, and that he still can't drive. Being on the inclusion council is important to him because he can help students feel welcomed both in La Casa and on campus.

"La Casa has given me a supportive community on campus that reminds me of home."