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Attend our weekly mass meetings!

One day of the week, La Casa holds mass meetings to bring together the community. Information regarding the meeting will be announced through our listserv and instagram page. 

Attend an Event

La Casa hosts several events throughout the year. To learn more about the annual events that take place on campus, click here



ALMA is a welcome program for incoming first-year and first-year undergraduate students interested in the Latinx experience at UM. ALMA participants will be introduced to faculty, staff, and other resources that will be of service to them when it comes to their academic, cultural, and emotional well-being. Students will also be made aware of other programs and organizations that can assist them as the future leaders of the Latinx and larger Michigan communities to develop their visions as students.

Leadership Academy

The La Casa Leadership Academy (LCLA) focuses on cultivating the leadership abilities of first and second year Latinx students.  By building ties with current Latinx student leaders on campus as well as having  Latinx staff/faculty as their coaches, LCLA participants will strengthen the relationships between the key voices of our community and ensure the voice of the Latinx community is present and distinct on campus.

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